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4.34 The Visitors - Finale

Gabriel walked with his head down eyes glued to the open book in front of him. His knees buckled as he tripped over something in his path. His book and backpack went flying scattering his things on the sidewalk. Pain radiated from his knees from the sudden impact with the hard cement. Blinking he pulled his feet beneath as he tried in vain to figure out what he had tripped over.
The answer became apparent when a harsh voice above him asked "what do we have here?" Gabriel watched as JB nonchalantly picked up his book reading the title aloud for everyone to hear "How to Build a Time Machine." The snickers and laughter from the growing crowd of students was enough to make anyone cringe.
Ignoring him for the moment Gabriel gathered his scattered things shoving them into his backpack. Standing he faced the boy "JB" he held his hand out "my book please."
"Come and get it" the boy challenged holding the book just out of reach.
Scanning the crowd Gabriel noted the identical smirks and glee in their eyes as they anticipated his coming humiliation. "Just give me the book" Gabriel said trying to reach for it only to have JB toss it to another boy who giggled derisively at the sudden game of keep away.
"You want it" the boy taunted "come and get it."
Before Gabriel could react someone darted from the crowd. A blur of pink hair ran past him knocking the boy down. Taking advantage of Landon's surprise attack. Gabriel grabbed his book before launching himself at JB.

It didn't take long for the crowd of excited students to draw the attention of the teachers. A few minutes later Gabriel and Landon were standing side by side in front of the school principle.
"Fighting of any kind is prohibited on school grounds" the man said giving each boy a disapproving look.
Landon glanced over his shoulder "where's JB and Ron? They started it."
"I don't care who started it" the man snapped "I'm ending it. Your parents have been called."
Landon's eyes narrowed "why aren't the others in here? Aren't they in as much trouble as we are for starting the fight?" He gave the older man a bold glare "or are they exempt because they're normal?"
"Landon don't" Gabriel pleaded.
"Don't what?" he demanded "the man is obviously a homophobe. Those other boys are as much at fault as we are for fighting but they're not in here. We are. Why? Because are parents are gay."

"Your parents sexual perver.....err...preferences has nothing to do with my decision to suspend you for fighting," the principle advised them.
"Yeah tell it to someone who cares," Landon mumbled "if that were true the others would be in here too."
"Your parents have been called" the man said pointing towards his office door "you can wait for them in the lobby."
Clearly dismissed the boys left the room under the baleful glare of the principle. Sitting down Gabriel hissed "why did you have to get involved?"
"You weren't doing anything" Landon glared at him "was I supposed to let JB turn you into the laughing stock of the school?"
Shrugging Gabriel sighed "I already am. Why should this be any different?"
"You don't give yourself enough credit" Landon protested "besides your my brother. I wasn't going to let anyone treat you like that."

"What do you think we should do?" Andrew asked turning to his husband.
"I think" Charlie stopped gt up and and walked over to the window.
Andrew followed him with his eyes "you think Landon's right don't you?"
Nodding Charlie ran a hand through his hair "every once in a while an asshole comes along and reminds me...." Charlie turned towards the man he loved more than life itself "I'm sorry. I wish it wasn't this way. I don't condone fighting. The boys deserve what they got. It's not right the other boys involved weren't suspended as well."
Andrew stood up joining Charlie by the window threading his fingers with Charlies "that's what I was afraid of." He spoke quietly "it doesn't help that Gabriel is so obsessed with time travel. It opens him up to ridicule."

"I'm sure that's what started all of this," Charlie sighed "Landon said the boys tripped him to take his book."
Smiling fondly Andrew surmised "a time travel book no doubt."
"What else does our son read?" he chuckled softly "it's just his bad luck that the principle is a jerk."
"Maybe it's time we consider home school for Gabriel" Andrew suggested.
"I'd like him to develop interests outside of time travel," Charlie said an obstinate edge in his voice.

"That's just it" Andrew said reaching up to stroke Charlie's cheek "he's not. He's still focused on time travel. He has his heart set on it. It's time we accept that this is what he wants."
Silently Charlie pulled Andrew close "I know...I'm not ready to let him go."
"I never said we had to let him go" Andrew held onto Charlie tighter "that's an impossibility. He's our son."
"We're going to have to someday" Charlie murmured. Pulling Andrew close "it's our job to make sure he's ready when he goes."
"I know but I'll never let go" Andrew shook his head "he's our son. I'll carry him in my heart always."
"And mine" Charlie smiled finally accepting what Andrew was telling him "that's an always and forever thing."

"What brings you here" Andrew asked somewhat surprised to find his sister knocking at his door.
"Why didn't you tell me?" she demanded walking past him as bossy as ever. "I had to hear it from Elissa."
"Hear what?" he asked somewhat confused. Not an unusual feeling when dealing with his twin.
"That the boys have been suspended from school." she gave him an exaggerated sigh. "That's unfair when the other boys involved in the altercation are still in school."
Andrew turned to Randy in greeting to give himself time to digest Indira's words. Randy gave him a rueful grin "you know how she gets when she knows she's right."

"You could sue the school for discrimination." Indira continued walking across the floor, her heels tapping on the tile. "The principle clearly has issues with you as parents. It's a gross misuse of power if you ask me."
Charlie couldn't help but laugh at her "aren't you the one who told us this was the way we'd be treated? You made Andrew miserable trying to keep us apart."
"Yes I know and I'm sorry" her voice contrite "that was awful of me. Will I be forever haunted by my past mistakes?"
To everyone's astonishment real tears trickled down her cheeks marring the perfection of her makeup. "No of course not" Andrew hugged her close "in your own weird way you were looking out for me."
Sniffling she dried her eyes "thank you." She looked towards Randy thankful that despite everything he had ultimately decided to stick by her "I had good friends and family who never gave up on me."

Putting an arm around her Randy kissed her cheek. "We all make mistakes. The problem now is learning from them."
"I know. That's why I want to fight this suspension" Indira said her voice rising as her indignation was reignited. "As a former idiot I want to make amends and fight on behalf of my nephews."
"We appreciate that" Andrew said feeling Charlie draw him close to his side. "What point would we be making? I don't want to do anything that will make my children's lives more difficult in that school. The girls haven't had any problems yet and I'd like to keep it that way."
"Do you know that for sure?" Indira asked "are they just saying what you want to hear?"
"If you think they'll open up to you. You're welcome to talk to them" Charlie said. He hoped she was wrong though. He didn't want anymore worries to have to deal with on top of what was happening with the boys.

"Excuse me" Andrew cried covering his mouth and running from the room.
"Is he?" Indira pointed at Andrew's retreating figure, mouth open wide. "What's wrong with you? You already have five kids."
"Indira" Randy cautioned squeezing her hand.
"That'll be six kids" she sounded appalled at the mere idea.
"I know" he said softly "be thankful it's not you."
Leaning towards Charlie she gave him a glare, "Haven't you heard of birth control?"

"Yeah" Charlie could feel his patience slipping the way it always did whenever he was near his sister-in-law. "You know what they say? Nothings a 100% except abstinence." That was another concern he had. Starting over with twins when the older kids were almost grown. He stood up "if you will excuse me I should check on Andrew."
Randy stood up as well, "we'll see ourselves out."
"But I haven't spoken to the girls yet" Indira protested
"We'll do it later" Randy said taking her by the elbow guiding towards the front door. "Tell Andrew goodbye for us."
"I'll do that" Charlie said grateful that Randy was able to handle Indira as well as he could. He knew that was no small task despite all the changes she had made. She was still a challenge. He for one could only take her in small doses.

"They wouldn't talk to me," Emmaline said to the unspoken question that hung in the air.
"I thought for sure they'd open up to you" Andrew sighed.
"As much as I hate to say it but Indira may be right." Emmaline laughed at their astonished faces "yes I know. That principle is a prized pig. Those boys Gabe and Landon tangled with are his nephews. So it's not a simple case of homophobia. Nepotism maybe."
"I don't want our kids going back to that school" Andrew stated. "I know that Gabriel brings a lot of attention to himself with his obsession with time travel but it's still no excuse for others to bully him."
"That's no excuse for anyone to be bullied" Emmaline said heatedly.

"Sweetie calm down," Nathan said putting an arm around her. "You know what the doctor said."
"I know. I'm sorry." She smiled at him before turning her attention back to Charlie and Andrew. "Have you considered private school?"
"We have" Charlie nodded.
"I think its best the girls stay together" Andrew added "Gabe I think will be better off being home schooled."
"You know if we let him home school, Landon will want to stay too" Charlie pointed out.

"Then he'll home school on the condition he does the work. If he doesn't he goes back to school," Andrew said crossing his arms.
"Do you thick you can handle the two of them?" Charlie asked. "You'll have your hands full with the twins."
"Oh" Emmaline cried excitedly "you're pregnant too?"
"Don't you remember Indira telling us?" Nathan asked.
"No" she shook her head "to be honest I blank a lot of things Indira says."

"To be fair she didn't exactly say you were pregnant," Nathan continued. "Just that it was irresponsible to have more than two kids in this day and age."
"She's never been one to hold back her opinion" Emmaline rolled her eyes. "I think it's wonderful though. You're such good parents." She reached over taking her husbands hand. "After all the fertility treatments and miscarriages. I didn't think we'd ever have our own child. Now I'm doubly happy knowing he'll have cousins his own age to grow up with."
"I'm so happy for you" Andrew cried giving her a warm hug.
Charlie stood up "come on Nathan let's leave these two pregnant people to talk babies, while we take a look at that new car of yours."

"I'm bored" Landon announced stretching and yawning exaggeratedly.
"Landon is your work complete?" Andrew inquired as the teenager started to move from his chair
Sinking back into his chair Landon mumbled, "can't we at least go outside? I promise I'll be good. I'll do the work...."
Andrew shook his head "we tried that once. You did anything but work on the assignment." Tapping the table Andrew said "sit" his voice firm, authoritative.  An indication of his resolve not to be argued with or badgered to change his mind.
"Fine" Landon slunk back in his chair with an injured air.
A few minutes later Andrew left the room to check on the babies. Gabriel put his book down to give his brother a stern stare. "You'd be done by now if you'd stop complaining."
"It's boring" he whined "this is worse than school."

"Only because you don't have an appreciative audience for your antics." Gabriel murmured, "I like it." Picking up his book he resumed reading.
"How can you read that technical mumbo jumbo?" Landon tugged the book from his brother's hands. "The Mechanics of Time Warp Theory."
"I want to be prepared" Gabriel jerked his book back. "Besides I'm done with the assignment. I'm just waiting for you."
Pushing his hair from his face with his hands Landon groaned. "Why didn't you say something? I'd have made sure I was done."
"It's the only time I have to read anything with you around."
"You're weird" Landon rolled his eyes picking up his pen.
"No more than you" Gabriel shrugged turning his attention to his book.

Laying his pen aside Landon watched his older brother for a moment.
"What?" Gabriel demanded glaring at his brother from over the top of his book.
"What do you think time travel will be like?" he asked.
"Why?" Gabriel asked cautiously. "Are you planning on trying to convince our parents your the better candidate for the job?"
"Oh no" he shook his head sending his long hair flying. "I don't want to time travel. Never did. Only pretended to because you wanted it so much." He picked up his pen scribbling answers randomly across his paper aware of Gabriel's eyes upon him.
Setting his book aside Gabriel gave all of his attention to his brother. "I don't know what time travel will be like. I doubt anyone knows." Pointing to his book he continued, "there's only so much I can learn from books. It's more science fiction then anything else."
"In other words" Landon smirked "its a waste of time reading about it."
Shrugging Gabriel gathered his things, "pretty much." When he was done he said "when your done I'll be outside by the pool."

After changing into his swim trunks Gabriel was sitting on the edge of the pool. He didn't notice the two men as they approached.
"Hello nephew" a deep voice spoke behind him.
Jumping to his feet Gabriel almost lost his balance. Recovering himself enough to keep from falling into the pool. He demanded "who are you?"
"We're you're Uncles" the other man said in a voice not as deep as the first speaker, "Zeke and Zachary."
"You're not my Uncles" Gabriel protested looking behind them. Hoping his dad or brother would come.

The men exchanged glances "don't we look familiar?"
Frowning Gabriel gave the two men a scrutinizing glare. A gasp escaped his lips as he remembered where he had seen them before. The pictures. They were in some of the pictures in his parents photo albums.
"He knows" Zeke nodded his purple hair flopping in his face.
"He does" Zachary nodded with approval "it confirms what I suspected."
"His abilities are rare." Zeke relished the look of consternation that flashed in the boys eyes, "and dangerous."

Gabriel took several cautious steps backwards attempting to put space between him and his so-called Uncles. Eyes darting around wondering if he could escape if it became necessary to run. He'd be no match in a physical confrontation with the older more fit men. A hundred different scenarios scurried through his mind as his brain assessed his chances.
"Didn't the watcher tell you?" Zachary asked moving closer to the skittish boy "she really should have if she's going to send traveling through history."
"Quinn" the woman's name came unbidden to mind. He didn't like the way the men's eyes brightened at the mention of her name. Almost as if they were a couple of hunting lions about to pounce on their prey. "Dad" Gabriel called relieved when the familiar figure approached them.
The two men turned simultaneously. Their smiles faltered when Andrew demanded "who are you?"
"He can see us" Zeke said as if his brother didn't know.

"Obviously" the older man mumbled. Addressing his words to Andrew he plastered a fake smile on his face "we came to check on our nephew."
"Dad they were asking questions about Quinn." Gabriel informed his dad stepping around the men to stand beside his dad.
"You know Quinn?" Andrew asked a false conversational quality in his voice.
"We've met her a time or two" the man admitted. "She doesn't approve of us or what we do."
"What do you do?" Gabriel asked growing bolder knowing he wasn't alone anymore.

"Join us and find out" Zeke suggested. "We could use someone with your abilities. Your dad too."
"What ability is that?" Gabriel asked before his dad could say anything.
"You'll find out." The men's eyes moved towards something behind them.
"Hey guys who are you talking to?" Landon asked upon hearing them talking. At first he thought they were talking to each other. Now they seemed to be holding a conversation with someone he couldn't see. It was bothersome to know his dad and brother saw things that no one else could.
The travelers took the momentary distraction as their chance to leave. When Gabriel turned back to their visitors he shouted "they're gone."

"I wonder what they meant by us having special abilities" Andrew mused. Dreading having to tell Charlie about this encounter.
"I think it's because we can see them and no one else can," Gabriel said ignoring the look of disbelief on his brothers face.
"I don't trust them" Andrew stated. "I don't like them offering us to join them. Join them to do what?"
"Don't worry dad I won't join them," Gabriel assured him. He was curious though. Could they be all that bad? They were relatives of a sort. He couldn't imagine anyone they were related to being bad guys.

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4.33 Do You See Them?

 Gabriel sat cross legged on the living room floor. Photo albums spread out in front of him. Something had been bothering him since the night they had looked at the pictures together as a family.
Landon stepped gingerly around the photo albums "whatcha doin?" he asked.
"It doesn't make sense" Gabriel mumbled eyes staring intently at a picture of his parents kissing on their wedding day.
Frowning Landon peered closer at the picture the seemed to captivate his brother's attention. "It's dad kissing daddy," he shrugged unconcerned.
"Look at it again" Gabriel requested "don't look at our dads. Look deeper."
"What do you mean look deeper?" Landon demanded peering at the picture.

"Don't you see anyone in the background? Isn't there anything odd about it?" Gabriel asked moving the picture so Landon had a better view of it.
Scowling at it Landon shook his head pushing the album away "I don't see anything."
Sighing Gabriel watched his brother leave the room. His sisters had reacted much the same as Landon had. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Why couldn't they see what he did?
"Son have you done your homework yet?" Andrew asked coming into the room to check on him.
"It's done" he mumbled eyes still focused on the photo. He moved over slightly to give his dad more room to sit beside him.
"What are you looking at?" Andrew asked sounding cheery.

"Your wedding photos" Gabriel mumbled. Laying the album in his lap Andrew smiled at the picture of himself and Charlie kissing. So many happy memories flooded his mind. "Your dad and I were married on the beach" he began frowning as he peered at the picture "we didn't invite a lot of people." He stared intently at the picture.
"Do you see them too?" Gabriel asked pointing towards a couple in the background.
"I hadn't realize they had come" Andrew said almost to  himself "strange" he murmured "I would have thought they'd be older."
Glancing at the picture then up at his dad Gabriel asked "why? They looked the same in all the pictures."
Blinking Andrew digested what his son said "what do you mean all the pictures?"
"Besides this one" Gabriel reached for an older album "they appear at dad's graduation party. Some are on the beach where you and dad meet. Other's at grandpa's funeral."

Andrew stared at the pictures as Gabriel pointed them out. It was like he was seeing them for the first time with different eyes. Why hadn't he seen this before?
"Who are they dad?" Gabriel asked placing a hand on Andrew's knee.
"They look like Charlie's Uncles" Andrew traced his fingers over the images "I don't understand....they should be tons older."
"That's not the weirdest thing either" Gabriel leaned in close "not everyone can see them."
"Of course they can see them" Andrew objected "they're in the pictures."
"No they can't" Gabriel pointed at the wedding picture "I had Landon and the girls look at this picture and none of them saw the people."

Andrew sat thoughtfully on the floor, silence lingering between them. "I'll check into this. There has to be an explanation."
"I know what it is" Gabriel said confidently "we're special."
Andrew's lips twitched a little. He doubted Gabriel knew just how special he was. Pulling his son close Andrew kissed the top of his head. "Why don't you put these albums away and go outside and play?"

Later that night Andrew sat in the comfortable chair in his bedroom waiting for Charlie to finish his shower. "Hey babe" Charlie smiled coming into the room "the shower was a little lonely without you. Why didn't you join me?" Sitting on the edge of the bed Charlie could see the distant faraway look in Andrew's eyes "what's wrong babe?"
"Nothing. At least I hope it's nothing" Andrew got up and joined his husband on the bed carrying their wedding album with him. "I want it to be nothing" he explained biting his lip as he sat down opening the album to the picture he and Gabriel had been looking at earlier "what do you see?"
Grunting as he looked at the picture Charlie shook his head "us kissing on our wedding day."
"You don't see anything else?" Andrew insisted "how about in the background? Do you see anyone familiar?"
Charlie shook his head "what is it you want me to see?"
Pointing to the two men Andrew asked "what do you see there?"
Shrugging Charlie said "the ocean. Sand" he looked at Andrew in concern "what should I be seeing?"

Andrew could hear the irritation, the concern in Charlies tone. He couldn't blame him. Not really. He tapped the empty space or what was empty to everyone else "Gabriel and I see two men there. They look like a couple of your Uncles."
Charlie looked down to where Andrew's fingers still pointed at the phantom men "I don't see anything" he muttered.
Sliding his hands from the page Andrew picked at the bedspread "I don't understand why Gabriel and I see them and no one else can." He glanced up eyes round with worry "what's wrong with us?"
"There's nothing wrong with you" Charlie assured him. Pushing the album aside he pulled Andrew close "we'll get to the bottom of this. I  promise we'll figure this out."
Taking a huge gulp of air Andrew nodded "maybe we should have Zayne take a look at the pictures." He felt Charlie stiffen at the mention of the man's name "he might be able to explain why we're seeing his siblings in the pictures."
Charlie slowly exhaled "I'll ask him to come over for supper." He ran his fingers through Andrew's hair "come on let's go to bed."
Nodding Andrew let Charlie guide him down to the bed where he cuddled close to his husband's reassuring bulk. Resting his head on Charlie's chest he closed his eyes attempting to rest while his mind kept replaying the pictures in his head. Why could he and Gabriel see the men when no one else could? What made them different?

Zayne flipped through the pages of the album stopping at the wedding pictures. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He remembered this day. It had been a bittersweet day for him. He was at his son's wedding yet it wasn't really his son. It was surreal. He remembered at one point he had looked up glancing at the ocean. He had thought he had seen someone but it was impossible. It had to have been a figment of his imagination.
He was about to turn the page when he saw it. The camera caught an instant in time he had dismissed. "They were there" he mumbled.
"Who were there?" Andrew asked sounding breathless.
Zayne dragged his eyes from the photo "two of my brothers. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at the time." He tapped the picture "they're standing right there yet they never approached me. Never spoke to me." He looked up pain in his light blue eyes "why?"
Millie leaned over taking his hand. She frowned at the picture "I don't see anyone" she said quietly giving him a baffled look.

"Evidently you're not the only one" Zayne told her giving Andrew a stiff lipped smile.
"You're right" Andrew sighed "only Gabriel and I can see them. Do you know why?"
Rubbing his chin Zayne leaned his head back on the couch squeezing his eyes shut. After a moment he took Millie's hand lifting it to his lips "I don't suppose your dad told you much about his family did he?" he asked turning his towards Charlie.
"Not much" Charlie mumbled "I thought they were mad at him for that BC he joined."
Zayne grunted in distaste "that must be a pivotal time point in our lifetime much as I hate to admit it. That event forced us to grow up. To make certain changes." He gave Charlie an apologetic look "your dad I'm sure wasn't very proud of himself for how he acted on that show. Just do him a favor and remember he was young and hurting."

Charlie nodded looking away. He hated to admit it but he was ashamed of his dad after watching the show.
"Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. He had just lost his wife. Someone he loved with all his heart. He had a young son to raise on his own. Then he found himself on a highly competitive show. The stress he was under and the grief he still was experiencing was too much for him. Imagine how you would have felt if it had been you and you had just lost Andrew." Zayne blinked back tears "I never thought I'd love again. At least that's what I thought until I met Millie. Things change. People change."
"I know" Charlie mumbled his voice barely audible as he wiped tears away "it's just I never saw him act like that before."
"You watched the show didn't you?" Zayne asked watching as both young men nodded.
"What does that have to do with Charlie's Uncles being at our wedding?" Andrew asked impatiently feeling Charlie take his hand.

"Um not a lot I guess" Zayne sighed "unless..." his voiced faded.
"Unless what?" Andrew prompted.
"My parents and siblings were inter dimensional time travelers" Zayne stated "I would assume your father's family would have been the same considering how close our dimensions are." Tapping the picture "evidently they came back every now and then to check on him and you."
"Why didn't my father tell me any of this?" Charlie demanded "I don't understand any of this."
"Time travel is stressful. The stresses increase when you time travel through dimensions," Zayne explained.

"What stresses?" Charlie asked "does this have anything to do with why Andrew and Gabriel can see people the rest of us can't?"
"Maybe" Zayne said turning to Millie "I remember over hearing my parents talking about phasing in and out of time. I don't know what they meant by that. I do remember being in my room playing and then being in the middle of a busy intersection almost being killed by a speeding car. My parents found me. Saved me. It only happened once but it could have been worse for the Zayne of this dimension. I think I was the reason my parents stopped traveling. It gave me a chance to stabilize."
Millie gripped his hand "can it happen again?" she bit back a scream "you've traveled into two different dimensions already. What if you start phasing again?"
"I don't know" he shook his head "it's been ten years and it hasn't happened yet."
"What if our children have the same condition?" Millie couldn't keep the tears back now "what if this" she waved a hand towards the albums "is just the beginning?"

After their guests left and the kids were tucked in for the night Andrew and Charlie sat quietly together on the couch. "What if Millie's right?" Charlie asked "what if this is just the beginning?"
Turing to his husband Andrew nodded "it could be but the beginning of what?" he asked "we don't know. We can do a lot of guessing but until we know something there's not much we can do."
"What if it gets worse?" Charlie asked "what if Gabriel starts to phase in and out of time or dimensions?"
It felt strange being the the one pretending to have the answers. The strong one. "Time travel and dimension travel are two different things."
"What if they're related?" Charlie persisted "what if that's the reason my dad's family hasn't been around? What if they're phasing in and out of time and dimensions? What if they can't stop traveling?"
Andrew put an arm around his distraught husband's shoulders. "I think we need to call it a night before we drive ourselves crazy with what ifs. Things will look different in the morning."

"No it won't" Charlie protested "what if you start phasing in and out?" He pulled Andrew close "I can't live without you."
"That won't happen" Andrew said sounding more confident then he felt. "I'm going to talk to my dad."
"What good will that do?" Charlie demanded.
"I don't know maybe nothing but I think Quinn mentioned something to him once about my genetic makeup being a stabilizer. I don't remember exactly anymore."
Nodding Charlie seemed to calm a little upon hearing that "so Gabriel could be alright."
"Yes" Andrew nodded relieved. He kept his concerns to himself though. He wondered if Charlie were in danger of phasing. He was the one directly related to these inter dimensional time travelers. What about the other kids? Were they in danger?

"Dad thanks for coming over" Andrew gave his dad a hug as soon as he walked inside.
"You sounded upset over the phone" Caleb said once Andrew released him "what's wrong?"
Walking into the living room Andrew pointed towards the now familiar wedding picture "what do you see?"
"It's your wedding picture" Caleb smiled at him "what about it?"
"It's the center of a lot of things" Andrew muttered sinking onto the nearby couch "maybe I'm losing my mind. I don't know anymore."
Caleb glanced at his son then back at the photo. Sitting down he slid the picture closer to him. Frowning he scrutinized the picture. Several minutes later Caleb sighed "I don't know what you want me to see?"
"What do you see there?" Andrew asked pointing to the two men that only he, Gabriel and Zayne could see.

"Um besides the ocean and sand?" Caleb asked glancing at his son like he half expected him to announce this was some sort of joke. All he saw was disappointment in Andrew's eyes and the dejected slope of his son's shoulders. "What am I missing?" he asked.
Trying to keep the desperation he felt from his voice Andrew pointed to the photo. "I see two men standing there. Two men Zayne identified as two of his brothers." Tapping the picture Andrew continued "I hadn't realized no one else saw them until Gabriel asked me about it. He's the one who found the other pictures where the two men appear."
"Only you and Gabriel see them?" Caleb asked his pulse speeding up.
Nodding Andrew looked up at his dad "Zayne sees them too. He said his family had been inter dimensional time travelers. So it makes sense that Zayne sees them."
Rubbing his chin Caleb felt the stubble grate across his finger tips. He let his son's words filter through is consciousness. Something about this was raising alarm bells in his mind. Quinn said his genetic make up was a stabilizer. He cam from another dimension. Andrew would have inherited that same stabilizer from him. Then why couldn't he see the men Andrew could? Could this only be effecting his son and grandson and not him? Why? "Maybe you and Gabriel are the only ones who need to see them" he mumbled grasping at straws.
Andrew gave him a dubious look "you don't believe that anymore than I do."
"Shaking his head Caleb released a pent up breath "no I don't. I think somethings happening." He glanced away "I just don't know what." The only person who would know was an elusive green skinned woman. Would she contact them?

"What the hell are you doing in here?" Quinn shouted at her visitors. Interlopers in her haven. How did people keep finding their way here?
The two men exchanged glances. Identical smirks upon their handsome faces "aren't we allowed to check on our brother?"
"He's not your brother?" she snapped eyes sparking dangerously.
"Who says he's not?" one of the two asked "our baby brother phased in and out of dimensions since he was a baby. He doesn't even know what dimension he belongs in anymore."
"I repeat. Why are you here?" Quinn demanded crossing her arms.

One of the men grinned. It wasn't a pleasant look on him "don't mess with time."
Her eyes narrowed as she read the silent messages emanating between the men. A tick in one of the men's cheek as his eyes glared at her. The silent tapping of the other's foot upon her rug as if he were impatient to leave. The way neither men would meet her gaze. They were lying. That much was clear. "Why should the timeline concern you?" she asked refusing to back down in front of them.
"There are things that shouldn't be messed with" they chorused together their voices blending.
"I know that better than anyone" she intoned glaring at them "leave."
Snorting they remained rooted to the carpet "comply with our request."

"A request implies a choice" she eyed the men "I choose not to comply."
"You'll regret your decision" they turned in unison to leave.
"I have regretted many things" Quinn said behind them "this decision won't be one of them."
"We shall see" they said their tones sending an involuntary chill down her spine.
Quinn stared at the spot where they had stood. Why warn her in such a manner that would only make  her  less willing to work with them? It didn't make sense. She only had minor changes to make in the timeline. Nothing that would change a fixed point. They were locked for a reason. Attempting to change fixed points would rip the fabric of the dimension apart. What were they planning? What had they already done? She hadn't considered Zayne's family a threat. It was time to reevaluate her plan and find what they don't want her to change and stop them.